About me

Passionate about software!

I started coding in 2002 and create software solutions for a living since 2008. Althoug my main focus is on the JVM and its big ecosystem, I have worked with Javascript, Delphi, C#, Swift, PHP and Perl in my professional life. After seeing many different technologies, paradigms and approaches, my favorite languages are still Clojure and SQL 😉

Music and Coffee Nerd

If you want to keep me talking for hours, just start a discussion about music with me. My favorite genres are (Prog-) Metal and Jazz, but I can find things I like in any genres. I used to play Bass and sing in an alternative Rock band which never played a gig, but had a lot of fun, nowadays I mostly play the electric guitar and the piano.

In the little time that’s left, I supply me and my wife with coffee - from our Bezzera machine, the Chemex, the Aeropress, the Frenchpress…